Since 1901, scholarships to UNL students have been a key component of the UNL Women’s Club.  Scholarship funds come from general donations, memorial and honorary donations, and fundraising activities.  Scholarships are based on academic achievement, financial need, extracurricular and community volunteer activities.  The University of Nebraska Foundation manages an endowed scholarship fund for the Women’s Club.

It was inspiring to hear our 2020-2021 UNL Women’s Club Scholarship recipients share their stories conveying the impact members' donations had on their education.

The generosity of UNLWC members in 2020-2021 resulted in donations totaling $18,171. $2,000 of this total came from a very generous anonymous donor and $775 was from Zoom Spring Luncheon drawing proceeds.
Opportunity to donate to the UNLWC Scholarship Fund will be available via the the mail in your UNLWC membership renewal form. A donation of any amount is welcome and added together with others makes a difference larger than the sum. In our 127th year, let’s carry on this spirit of giving, assuring our mission of support to UNL students into the future!